Louis de Bruijn

30-year old Python enthusiast

  • Analytics Trainee, International Talent Programme at ING Netherlands

  • Computational Linguistics, University of Groningen

  • Natural Language Processing

    Full stack Web (Python)

  • PySpark

    Sklearn, NLTK, Pandas, Numpy, Scipy

    Flask, Django, Javascript, HTML, CSS

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Personal resume

Louis de Bruijn | April 5, 2024

Work experience


    Amsterdam 3 yrs 10 mos

    • Data Scientist | Transaction Monitoring

      Apr 2022 - Present 2 yrs 4 mos

      As a data scientist in transaction monitoring, I am leveraging my experience building large machine-learning models on transactional data in the KYC organization at ING.

      • We developed a global monolith ML model to reduce false positives in second-line transaction monitoring of alerted transactions. We …
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    • Data Scientist | International Talent Programme

      Oct 2020 - Mar 2022 1 yrs 6 mos

      1st rotation: Customer Dialogue Analytics
      • Developed and productionized Named Entity Recognition package for the anonymization of Personable Identifiable Information (PII)
      • Organized the NLP conference, a 2-day event for data scientists in natural language processing

      2nd rotation: Advanced Real-Time Analytics
      • Experimentation to reduce the time to prediction for the "Look Ahead" in the ING app
      • Restructuring the code from Hive to PySpark.

      3rd rotation: Risk & Pricing Advanced Analytics
      • Developing two credit risk prediction models in the direct business lending domain
      • Open-source: Data lineage checks for data filtering steps: waterfall-logging

      Extracurricular …
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      ING offers promising master graduates the chance to make the absolute most of their talent on a two-year traineeship within the bank: the International Talent Programme (ITP). This is an analytic track-specific traineeship comprised of three six-month rotations.

    ML Engineer | Data Scientist

    Ortec Finance

    Sep 2019 - Aug 2020 1 yr


    Responsible for implementing various Natural Language Processing (NLP) microservices (APIs), most notably a curriculum-vacancy matching service, topic modeling, (legal) document understanding product, and conversational agents.

    Data Science Intern


    Jun 2019 - Aug 2019 3 mos


    This internship aimed to develop a recommender system that improved over the current rule-based system for personalized gift suggestions to users of Lootjestrekken.nl. During this project, I successfully showed and … read more


    University of Groningen

    Groningen 6 yrs

    • Computational Linguistics | Master

      Sep 2019 - Aug 2020 1 yr

      Data Science, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, Computational Semantics.

      Thesis …
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    • Computational Linguistics | Pre-master

      Sep 2018 - Aug 2019 1 yr

      Programming in Python, Database Design, Quantitative Text Analysis, Search Engines, Database driven ‐ Webtechnology, Logic Programming.

    • Communication and Information Science | Bachelor

      Sep 2014 - Aug 2018 4 yrs

      Text and Conversation Analysis, Usability, Multi modal and Digital Communication.

      Thesis …
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    PyData Conference


    Apr 2024 - Present 4 mos


    Allow More | Kickstart AI challenge

    Kickstart AI @ ING

    Sep 2023 - Oct 2023 2 mos


    Kickstart AI challenge hosted @ ING. A three-week hackathon where data scientists from Ahold Delhaize, KLM, and NS come together to work on an AI challenge: Allow More, a project … read more


    De Patchka

    Feb 2023 - Jul 2023 6 mos


    Vegan Korean & Japanese takeaway shop. Their food is different from authentic traditional Korean and Japanese food. The vegan bulgogi is something I have never tasted before!

    Food delivery

    Eigen krachtvoer

    Dec 2021 - Sep 2023 1 yrs 10 mos


    Every week I organised the food delivery from Eigen krachtvoer to Amsterdammers that have a Stadspas (low income). Eigen krachtvoer prepares a three-course meal and provides it on a discounted offer.

    Buddies project


    Feb 2017 - Jul 2017 6 mos


    Buddy for an autistic and underprivileged teen, whom I met with on a weekly basis to take him out of his habitat and do lots of fun things in and around Groningen.


    ComMa Congres

    Mar 2016 - Oct 2016 8 mos


    Responsible for the organisation of the annual ComMa Congres, a collaboration between the communication and marketing study associations at the University of Groningen.

    National Junior Representative


    Jan 2013 - Dec 2013 1 yr

    The Netherlands

    Dutch representative in the junior branch of CISV. Worked together with many representatives around Europe on the branch's strategy, both nationally and internationally.

Full-stack Web Development
Scikit-Learn, Pandas, Spark
Django, Flask, FastAPI
Docker, Kubernetes
Interior design
Medium articles
English native/bilingual
Dutch native/bilingual
German professional working
Spanish professional working
French limited working

    Python Test Automation


    Feb 2023 San Francisco

    Machine Learning Operations

    Google Cloud

    Feb 2023 Mountain View

    Production-Ready ML


    Dec 2022 Amsterdam

    Influential Communication

    Bureau Zuidema

    Dec 2022 Oosterbeek

    Professional Scrum Master™


    Jun 2021 Boston

    Service Design

    Koos Service Design

    Jan 2021 Amsterdam

    Data Science with Python Foundation


    Dec 2020 Amsterdam

    Introduction to Data Science in Python

    University of Michigan

    Jun 2019 Michigan

    Person of the Year | 2006

    Time magazine

    Dec 2006 New York